Jordi Sanchez-Ballester

FRCSEd FRCS Trauma & Orth

Consultant Foot, Ankle & Knee Surgeon

Fairfield Independent Hospital, St Helens

Spire Cheshire, Whiston & St Helens Hospitals

Fairfield Independent Hospital

Crank Rd

St Helens

Merseyside WA11 7RS

01744 739311

Spire Cheshire Hospital

Chris Davies

Fir Tree Close

Warrington WA4 4LU

0845 602 2500

Medico Legal

Nuria Roig

07894 717377

St Helens & Knowsley

Claire Lomax

0151 290 4234

Medico-Legal Terms & Conditions

The medical legal reporting business is supported by over 9 years experience in the preparation of medical reports for personal injury and health insurance claims. I have acted for both claimant and defence. The following services are offered (Please contact my secretary to obtain an up-to-date fee schedule).

Examination of client and preparation of basic report (no medical note review).

Examination of client, review of medical notes and preparation of report.

Examination of client, review of medical notes, review of previous expert opinion and preparation of further report.

We do not charge a cancellation fee if we are informed at least 24 hours in advance that your client will not be attending the appointment.

Price per report to be discussed.

Current waiting list 2 weeks.

Reports prepared within 7 days of examination, subject to availability of relevant medical records. If medical notes are not available at the time of report preparation ( it is much better and efficient to have them), they may be reviewed separately and an addendum report prepared unless previously agreed with us.

Payment terms 90 days or on settlement of case un less prior arrangement.

Available for court (minimum 6 weeks notice required).

DNA fee (£80.00) applies if 24 hours notice of cancellation of appointment is not received.

Additional charge of 20% of total invoice in the event of non payment of fees and referral of matter to a debt collection agency (to cover administrative costs and collection fess).

Instructions can only be accepted from a solicitor or an approved agent.

28 High Street


Wigan WN6


St Helens&Knowsley NHS Trust

Warrington Road     




Fairfield Independent Hospital


St Helens


17 St Johns Street


M3 4DR

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