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Ruptured Achilles Tendon

For patients who have had a surgical repair of a ruptured TA are to be treated with a TA boot.

For patients treated non operatively this protocol is followed at 2 weeks post injury, when they come out of plaster.

1 Week Post-op

Bivalve the backslab. Actively encourage dorsiflexion.  

Passive plantar flexion only.

Keep backslab at home.

All exercises should be pain free.

2 Weeks Post-op

Stitches are usually removed. Put into the TA boot set at the angle they can comfortably dorsiflex. (Usually between 30 and 40 degrees off plantigrade)

Must wear boot all day and sleep in it.

May take boot off 4 – 5 times daily to actively dorsiflex and passively plantarflex.  Can walk partially weight bearing with elbow crutches as able.

3 Weeks Post-op

Continue as above, but can sleep without the boot. Bring patient in once a week and gradually alter the boot until the boot is at 90 degrees.  

This is usually very comfortable and the boot should not be altered if pain is experienced.

Do Not Alter the Boot Beyond Plantigrade (90 Degrees).

6 Weeks Post-op

Can reduce to one elbow crutch if there is no pain as the boot is usually at 90 degrees at this stage.

Can begin active plantarflexion in a non weight bearing position. Must not stand or walk without the boot.

8 Weeks Post-op

Remove the boot. Use crutches initially for the first week then progress to full weight bearing as patient feels able.