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Tibialis Posterior Pathology Transfer

Post-op Days 1 – 6 Weeks

Immobilized in equinus and valgus

Crutches – non weight bearing (NWB)

Active range of motion (AROM) hip and knee

Wiggle toes

Straight leg raises (SLR) x 4 directions

Short arc quad (SAQ)

Upper body exercises (seated or bench only – no pushups)

LE stretches – Hamstring, quads, ITB, hip flexors



Pain management

Prevent swelling

Weeks 6 – 10

Cam walker – full weight bearing (FWB)

Continue appropriate previous exercises

Scar massage/mobilization with oil/cream

Ankle AROM – Calf pumping, alphabet, rotations

Light Theraband ex x 4

Towel crunches and side-to-side

Steamboats (Theraband x 4 while standing on involved LE) in cam walker

Mini-squats, Wall squats, Total gym

Proprioception ex – Double leg BAPS

Gastroc/Soleus stretching


Full DF / PF

No adhesions

Weeks 10 – 16

Transition from cam walker to ankle brace

Continue appropriate previous and following exercises without brace

Strengthening ex, emphasize medial ankle mm

Theraband with increasing resistance


Double leg heel raises – emphasize involved side

Leg press, knee ext, Hamstring curl, hip weight machines

Forward, retro and lateral step downs

Proprioception ex – single leg BAPS, ball toss, body blade

Stationary bike  

Pool therapy

DOWNLOAD: Tibialis Posterior Pathology Transfer Protocol leaflet