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Microfracture Patellofemoral

Rehabilitation Protocol for Patients with Patellofemoral Chondral Defects

Post-Op Days 1 – 14

POD 3: Change dressing, keep wound covered, continue TED Hose

POD 14:  Follow up clinic

Crutches: weight bearing as tolerated (WBAT), D/C when gait is normal

Brace 0-20 degrees x 6 weeks

ROM to patient tolerance, begin with 0-45 (6-8 hours daily)

Passive extension with heel on bolster or prone hangs

Patellar mobilization (teach patient)

Short arc quads, 0-20 only, without resistance

Standing Hamstring curls in parallel bars

Straight legraise (SLR) x 4 with knee in brace

Electrical stimulation in full extension with quad sets and SLR ??

Stationary bicycle for ROM, seat adjusted high, no resistance

No Resisted Closed Chain ex x 6 weeks

No Resisted Open Chain ex x 6 weeks


1000 cycles or more per day thereafter

Full extension

Weeks 2 - 4

Brace 0-20 degrees x 6 weeks

Continue appropriate previous exercises

Scar massage when incision healed

AROM, AAROM as tolerated

Co-contractions quads / Hamstring at 0, 30, 60, 90 degrees

SLR x 4 on mat (no brace) – Add light weight below the knee if good quad control

Pool therapy – Deep water (chest/shoulder) walking and ROM exercises

Water jogging floating upright in deep water

Stretches – Hamstring, hip flexors, ITB

BAPS, ball toss, body blade

Forward, backward, lateral walking in parallel bars

Double leg heel raises, progress to single leg


No extensor lag

No effusion

Weeks 4 - 6

Brace locked at 0-20 degrees

Continue appropriate previous exercises

PROM, AROM, AAROM to regain full motion

Standing SLR x 4 with Theraband bilaterally



Weeks 6 - 8

D/C brace

Continue appropriate previous exercises

Leg press with light weight

Mini squats, Wall squats

Hamstring curls – Carpet drags or rolling stool (closed chain)

Treadmill – Forwards and backwards walking


Normal gait

Weeks 8 - 12

Continue appropriate previous exercises

Hamstring curl weight machine

Knee extension weight machine

Proprioceptive training – BAPS, ball toss, body blade


Slide board

Forward, lateral and retro step downs

Stationary bike – Minimal resistance

Treadmill – Walking progression program

Elliptical trainer

Pool therapy – Waist deep water walking or slow jogging

Quad stretches


No thigh atrophy

Walk 2 miles at 15 min/mile pace

Months 3 - 4

Continue appropriate previous exercises with progressive resistance

Treadmill – Running progression program



Run 2 miles at easy pace

Months 4 - 6

Continue appropriate previous exercises

Agility drills / Plyometrics

Sit-up progression

Progressive weight training program

Transition to home / gym program


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